Arcade Car Racing Simulator For Real Steering With Paddle

Today we are gonna introduce an amazing car racing simulator which has been craze for people for so long time. I know few of my friends also loved to play games on their smartphones, PC and on PS, the interesting thing is they do play racing games.

What we feel playing such arcade games is, they do need coin on some of the machines, but this simulator does not required coin for that, you can play as long as you want to,  because driving simulator is not like getting killed in the middle of the battle field, you can play as long as you want to.

Have you seen cockpit for airplane for real? I doubt some of you might not have, the same cockpit will be provided to you but in this case you will get driving vehicle simulator cockpit with steering wheel with paddle.

You will also get a classic chair for mostly those who actually drive the racing car. Have you played Dirt 2 or Dirt 4 the recently released game for PC and PS? then you might have seen the seat they have provided in the game.

The machine you will get to your address is quite awesome feeling, the thing is you need to pay for the custom charge. Ask your Deputy custom charge officer in your city. You don’t have to pay for the shipping charge, the only thing you need to pay is the custom fee.

Games you can play in this simulator is in many. You may receive games with the simulators too, once you receive the games install if it its not installed and start playing the games. I would suggest you to start your own business on game parlour.

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