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Day of Child Disarmament: Playing with a Serious Thing:

The day of child disarmament, which, contrary to what an unsuspecting man can imagine, does not try to disarm minors who use firearms to assault, kidnap, threaten, smuggle, or kill. It is only to encourage children to hand over their toy guns, copying the campaigns of big people who deliver real firearms in the vain hope of contributing to public safety. 

Year after year, children’s disarmament campaigns take over the country, seduce parents, mothers, teachers, politicians, companies and many police institutions that go out there collecting and destroying thousands of toy weapons in the public square. They further encourage many parents to forbid their children from having toy weapons, seduce schools to radically prohibit such objects in their toy libraries.

Like I said, year after year, that happens … But what’s the practical effect? Based on which institutions adopt this radical stance? This is what we will discuss in this article, without major pretensions of a father, teacher and specialist in public safety. 

Initially, it should be noted that the sale of toy weapons has never been prohibited in Brazil, what is not allowed is that these weapons can be confused with real firearms. Let us see what the Law 10.826 / 03 says, which in its article 26 determines:

“The manufacture, sale, marketing and importation of toys, replicas and simulacra of firearms, which may be confused with them, are prohibited.”

Thus, the colorful and misshapen weapons found in any toy store are not out of the question. A father who buys presents his son with these toys, much less. 

I will not dwell on the legal part, since little or nothing matters to that parent who is in doubt or who simply forbids his son to have a toy weapon.

As a child, there were not many toy weapons I had. Usually old-style fuze revolvers that swarmed the imagination of those who grew up watching the old movies and series of cowboys, where the good was good, evil was bad and good always wins. During my childhood I must have killed thousands of malefactors and Indians who wanted to scalp the good guys in the movie, which they always occupied. The most politically correct patrol did not yet exist, nor did the relativization of things exist. There was right and wrong, period. Good times

And, in practice, what harm in your child owning toy guns? Would he become violent? A criminal? I respond with great tranquility: no! Quite the opposite; by preventing your child from having toy weapons, playing violent games, you may be depriving him of a very important learning, because dealing with make-believe violence he learns to understand true violence, creating a clear parameter of what is good and bad.

I have studied a lot on the subject, read dozens of texts, studies, talked to many experts and the conclusion that I have arrived and that anyone would arrive is that those who propose the prohibition of toys weapons and violent games are only based on ideas and even ideologies which have no practical or concrete basis for reducing violence. Not counting those who adhere to the politically correct without stopping a second to reflect on the whole thing. 

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