New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

Have you considered doing more than just searching for terms on Google? The search box has a sea of ​​utilities, and then you find some very interesting uses for it.

01. Weather

Use Google to find out how the weather is in a particular city.

How is the weather in San Francisco?
Write: weather San Francisco.
How is the weather in Washington?
Write: weather Washington;
How’s the weather in New York?
Write: weather New York .

02. Counter

Google can tell you when the pizza is ready or when the pizza is on the spot, just use the Counter feature.

Tell me when 10 seconds have passed.
Type: set timer for 10 seconds ;
Let me know when 10 minutes have passed.
Write: set timer for 10 minutes ;
Tell me when 10 hours have passed.
Type: set timer for 10 hours .

03. Flight schedules

See when a flight is scheduled to leave the origin and arrive at the destination, in addition to seeing how much of the total route has already been traveled. Enter the airline followed by the flight number.

Example: Airbus A784;

04. Word Filter

Want to search Paris, but not Paris Hilton?

Write: Paris -Hilton .
Using a subtraction sign pasted on the unwanted word, Google will remove results with that term.

05. Site determined

To search for a particular term only on a specific site, use ” site: “. To remove a particular site from the results, use ” -site: “.

Search for Android only on
Write: site: android ;
Search for Android without results of

06. Converter

The Google bar can convert multiple units.

100 miles, how many miles?
Write: 100 miles in km ;
A year has how many seconds?
Write: 1 year in seconds ;
100 terabytes equals how many megabytes?
Write: 100 TB in MB .

07. Schedules around the world

What time should be in city X? Ask Google!

What time is it in Tokyo?
Write: what time is it in Tokyo ;
What time is it in New York City?
Write: what time is it in New York ;
What time is in Germany?
Write: what time is it in Germany ;

08. Order Tracker

If something is on the way through UPS or FedEx, use Google to find out where the package is by simply typing the tracking code into the search bar.

09. Complete the song

Google can complete song lyrics and other things when you use an asterisk as a wild term.

I forgot the Arctic Monkeys song!
Write: I’m * to 505 ;
How many American domains are indexed?
Type: www * com.

10. Cached page

To access pages in the Google cache, it’s quite simple. Just type ” cache: ” in front of the site address in the search bar, or for Chrome users in the address bar.

Canaltech in Google’s cache:
Type: cache:

11. Find files

Sometimes we find so many results from websites that we do not find what we are looking for or we come across a different version of the one we want. By using some attributes, you can find several folders full of files, among which may be what you want.

Find MP3 songs ;
Find EPUB e-books ;
Find Spider-Man comic books .

12. Watch the webcams around the world

You can check various Google-indexed addresses that display streams of webcams scattered around the planet. Just know the right term for each type of camera.

Axis Webcams: inurl: /view.shtml or inurl: view / index.shtml ;
Cannon Webcams: sample / LvAppl / ;
MOBOTIX Webcams: control / userimage.html ;
FlexWatch Webcams: /app/idxas.html ;
JVC Webcams: intitle: “V.Networks [Motion Picture (Java)]” .

13. The best of social networks

Use what Google has indexed from social networks to find what you want.

Wallpapers on Digg: site: free “desktop wallpaper” ;
WordPress Themes on Reddit: site: free “wordpress templates” ;
Stock images in Delicious: site: free “stock images” ;
Free icons on StumbleUpon: site: “free icons” .

SOURCE: Google Tricks

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