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International Career


(I) Board of Governors –
(a) International Monetary Fund 1982-1985.
(b) World Bank, 1982-1985
(c) Asian Development Bank, 1982-1985
(d) African Development Bank, 1982-1985.
(ii) Chairman, Group 24 (a Ministerial group attached to IMF and World Bank)
(iii) Presided over SAARC Council of Ministers Conference, May 1995 and
November 1995.

Foreign Delegations

Leader of Indian Delegations to:
(i) Colombo Plan Finance Ministers Conference, Singapore 1975 and
Colombo 1976.
(ii) Commonwealth Finance Ministers Conference, 1982, 1983 and
(iii) Annual General Meeting of World Bank and IMF in 1982, 1983 and
(iv) Annual General Meeting of Asian Development Bank, 1982, 1983
and 1984.
(v) Ministerial Conference of WTO, Marrakesh in 1994.
(vi) UN General Assembly in 1994 and 1995.
(vii) Social Summit at Copenhagen in 1995.
(viii) 40th Anniversary of Asian Conference, Bandug 1995.
(ix) Conference of Commonwealth Heads of Governments(CHOGAM), Auckland 1996.
(x) Non-Aligned Foreign Ministers Conference at Carte-Ghana, 1995


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